What is The Digital Matter-Net?

Imagine an internet for STUFF…a microscale super-highway to send digital matter from one place to another the same way we send an email. Nano-particles are loaded into magnetic “ferries” and routed through microscopic channels to their destination…usually a 3D Printer.  The digital matter-net does for manufacturing what the internet did for communication and media.

Currently, things are manufactured using BULK processes.  Raw materials are shipped in trucks to refineries, and then again to factories, and then to warehouses, and stores, and eventually to consumers.  This “Supply Chain” is an ANALOGUE matter-net.

The DIGITAL Matter-Net is the next generation of manufacturing technology.  Raw materials are ground into nano-particles and sent to a micro-reactor refinery.  There, they are broken down, combined into useful compounds, and again turned into nano-particles.  These can then be sent to other micro-reactor factories, or to a 3D Printer to make products.

This is the power of DIGITAL MANUFACTURING…a product can be ordered and manufactured ON-DEMAND…raw materials can be extracted, refined, and transformed into a final product within hours.  It improves efficiency and reduces costs at every level of production.  Digital manufacturing could increase industrial output by several orders of magnitued, while eliminating waste, and lowering costs.


How Is This Possible?

All the technology we need to build the Digital Matter-Net is already here…we just need to bring it together.  That is the purpose of this site, to bring together the knowledge and expertise needed to design and build this technology.  It is an open-source project to which anyone can contribute.  I invite everyone…students and hobbyists, experts and professionals…people  from around the world, to take part in making the Digital Matter-Net a reality.

This is a world-changing opportunity.  The digital matter-net will open up worlds of possibility for those who have the vision to see it.   Just as digital media and the internet changed the way we communicate, founded entire new industries, and created millions of jobs…digital manufacturing and the matter-net can transform how we make stuff, improve the environment, and put the power of creation back in the hands of everyday people.  And, just like the internet, those who get in early will strike it rich.

How would YOU like to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?  How would YOU like to found the next Ebay or Google?  This is your chance!  The Matter-Net is the largest money-making opportunity in all of history…its value will eclipse that of computers, cell-phones, and the internet COMBINED.   Those who created these technologies became millionaires and billionaires, but those who create the Digital Matter-Net could become the world’s first TRILLIONAIRES.  This is better than winning the lottery!  However, it will only happen if you MAKE it happen.  Join the project and get your piece of the action TODAY.

Getting Started

To become part of this project, sign up for this blog and download a copy of the latest version of the Digital Manufacturing Open System Standard (DMOSS) documentation…then expand on it.  Add your own details, designs, and ideas  and post them to our wiki for others to review.  Be sure to include references where necessary and give credit to others for their contributions.   Also, feel free to experiment and build prototype devices.

Like the internet, this is a huge undertaking, and just as internet was not created by a single person alone…regardless of what Al Gore might say….the matter-net will be the product of millions of people working together to make it happen.  The door is wide open, and there is plenty of room for everyone on this ship.  Let everyone do their part, and we will all reach our destination.

I wish you well as we get started on this fantastic journey, and look forward to success as we ride the wave of this new rising tide.


Walter I Baltzley


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hugh (@hughht5)
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 12:24:37

    Have you checked out aria? http://aria-logistics.com/author/arturo/
    Also matternet? http://matternet.us/

    They are similar projects but for transporting packets of 2Kg on automated quadrocopters / arial vehicles.


    • wbaltzley
      Apr 03, 2013 @ 17:05:21

      Aria’s project is what I consider an “analog” matter-net. Analog Matter Networks (matter-nets) are nothing new…in industry they are called SUPPLY CHAINS…they have been around for as long as humans have had the concept of transportation. Aria is taking this technology to a new level using smaller, automated, flying drone networks.

      The difference between an “analog” and “digital” matter-net is that analog nets ship COMPLETE products or components, while digital nets break these down into small pieces and assemble them at their final destination. In this sense, the internet could be considered a “Digital Information Network” while broadcast television, or “snail mail” is an “Analog Information Network”

      The DIGITAL Matter-Net transports “packets” of nano-particles, just like the internet sends “packets” of data. These nano-particles are generic and can be assembled into many kinds of objects…just like zeroes and ones are assembled into files by a computer. This is a NEW, disruptive technology that has the potential to make manufacturing a car as easy as downloading a video.


  2. Troy Ounce (@TroyOunce)
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 09:15:37

    Stay faaaaar away from matternet.us: Google, Microsoft, etc funded which means the US military & intelligence is peeping also. The NSA is actively involved in industrial espionage (re: Petrobras): information you share will be misused.


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