Process intensification is about effectively using a set of innovative process development and manufacturing tools to achieve breakthrough improvements in (bio-) chemical processes.  Microreactor technology is one of these tools,and it can also create new process conditions that lead to unique properties for performance products.

The driving principle in process intensification is maximization: maximizing the intrinsic kinetics (chemistry), the mass and heat transfer, the control of the processing history of the molecules, as well as the synergistic effects (done by cleverly combining unit operations in the reaction & separation steps). Process intensification has been reported to be successful in a number of areas. These include reducing investments and variable costs, increasing productivity and energy harvesting, achieving sustainable manufacturing, improving process safety and increasing the practical application of hazardous reactions, as well as in reducing process development time and new operational domains. It can help companies gain a decisive advantage over their competitors, in terms of both cost competitiveness and sustainable performance.